The State Of Oil And Gas Industries And Predictions Of The Future


  • The future of oil and gas industries

The future of oil and gas industries looks very promising, given the rise in demand but there are many new places to explore for oil and natural gas (in places like Alaska), we techniques and plans to come up with and an immense amount of manpower is needed. To reach the goal for a promising future for the oil and gas industries, there need to be enough workers which are surely a problem faced these days. So the future of the oil and gas industries will become positively promising as long as there is good oil and gas HR done. People are needed and not many are willing to be in this field.

  • Changes are to be brought

Oil and gas industries over the world have decided to bring in a change to find a solution to this problem. They are planning to spread awareness among people about the promising future of oil and gas industries over the world. They are also preparing to hold classes for various starters and current workers as well to introduce new techniques. The packages offered will be revised and better incentives are also being planned for every worker.

  • Keeping up to the demand

In the past couple of years, the oil and gas industries have seen a tremendous rise in demand in this sector and that's why better recruitment has to be done and the challenges faced by the industries are to be handled appropriately. The rise in demand definitely shows a bright future to the world of oil and gas industries so tremendous amount of manpower is also needed for that. That's what the industries are aiming at- to bring in new and more efficient workers, engineers, and researchers.

Importance of an HR Department in an oil and gas Company

No company, irrespective of its size, can function effectively without the Human Resource (HR) department nowadays. So, what exactly is meant by Human Resource? Human Resource or HR is the term used in companies and businesses to refer to a department or group of people that is responsible for the hiring of new employees, their training, managing the compensation packages the company offers to its employees and also overseeing the employee benefits.

The term Human Resource was coined in 1960s in the United States at the time when most US businesses realized the importance of labor relations. Since then HR has spread all over the world.

Role of HR personnel

The role of oil and gas HR personnel includes

  • Managing the employees- the employees of a company form the human resource of the company and they are a key asset. A successful company manages its employees successfully and the HR department is responsible for management of a company's employees. Therefore, every company nowadays has an HR department though this department does not contribute, albeit directly, to the production of goods and services and sales of the company. An HR department is successful when it ably encourages the employees to do their very best.
  • Recruiting new employees- the HR department of a company is responsible for the recruitment of new employees. It is the task of the HR department to scrutinize and review job applications and select the more appropriate ones from them. Then the more appropriate job applications will have to be forwarded to the concerned managers of the company. The hiring procedure of a company might include background checks of the prospective employees along with credit checks as well as drug testing. This screening falls under the purview of the HR department.

The positive aspects of the roles and functions of the oil and gas HR department include

  • Recruitment and management of employees
  • Improvement of the compensation  packages for the employees
  • Planning the future engagements of the company. These engagements are the ones that require the employees of the company

The negative aspects of the roles and functions of the oil and gas HR department include

  • Dealing with recruitment problems
  • Dealing with remuneration problems
  • Dealing with planning problems

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