Implementing state of the art technology can increase natural gas production

Advanced technology has played a major role in developing the natural gas industry. The Natural gas production sector has witnessed a tremendous growth as new drilling techniques have been implemented in extracting natural gas. The unconventional reserves can now be reached and fully explored to access natural gas with the help of advanced technology. The United States of America has natural gas in abundance. Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Louisiana are the countries, which hold major natural gas reserves. It is firmly believed that tapping the unexplored reserves with modern drilling techniques can help in meeting the growing demand for natural gas.

Twenty five percent of the energy, which is being consumed by the U.S, is natural gas, the most affordable and economical energy source. The Unites States of America is one of the major producers of natural gas. An advanced drilling method known as horizontal drilling has increased the Natural gas production in the Unites States by 15 percent. Natural gas deposits are found in those places, which have deep under waters. It's quite risky to extract natural gas from such locations but with the help of improved offshore drilling techniques extracting natural gas in these offshore waters has become safe. Thus advanced technology which is being implemented by the natural gas industry makes exploration and production safe, environmental friendly and efficient.

Implementation of modern techniques has become highly imperative. State of the art techniques have contributed significantly not only in increasing Natural gas production but also in saving lot of money and time. Another latest technology, which offers major benefits to the natural gas industry, is the usage of 3D and 4D seismic imaging? This has simplified fossil fuel exploration as it helps in identifying natural gas prospects. Combining computer technology with traditional seismic imaging techniques, a three or four dimensional model is created which helps in eliminating unwanted drilling costs and saves exploration time. Thus advanced technology ensures that natural gas supply is in pace with demand.

Natural gas is the backbone of the U.S economy and the fossil fuel is highly consumed for the purpose of generating electricity, fuelling vehicles, cooking, heating, manufacturing of industrial materials and so on. According to the reports by the U.S Energy Information Administration, it has been estimated that Natural gas production will increase by 0.8 Bcf/d to 60.7 Bcf/d in the current year 2010 and it is expected to decline by 0.3 Bcf/d during the year 2011. The demand for natural gas is increasing because it is cost effective and more efficient when compared to the other fossil fuels. In 2010, the demand for natural gas is driven by the industrial and electric power sectors. Besides being cost effective and efficient, natural gas is also environment friendly and it does not pollute the air to a greater extent.

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