Water4gas Ebook-burn Water as Fuel?

What has made the Water4Gas eBook one of the best selling .PDF digital products in history? Why are people in over 50 countries using this technology? The hype is tremendous surrounding it. "Double your gas mileage and Use water as fuel." Could this be real? Or is it just another perpetual motion machine? Could it be the one thing big energy want to not let out?

Ozzie Freedom is the author of the Water4Gas eBook and it is based on patents which are part of the public domain and have been forgotten for 90 years. Why forgotten? Oil and gas have been so cheap for so long, there really hasn't been a huge demand for much better fuel mileage in vehicles. He might just be trying to change the world one car at a time.

What exactly is the science behind the technology? In short, the Water4Gas eBook shows you how to make a simple device which uses power from your car battery to electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen. The gas is mixed with the gasoline inside your engine. This allows the gasoline to combust more completely thereby increasing fuel efficiency from 30% to 80%. This only scratches the surface, but should give the general idea.

This sounds complicated, but the Water4gas eBook will hold your hand every step of the way. Between the books, illustrations, video series, online help, and network of people who have already used this device, you cannot fail. All the guess work has been removed. It will take a Saturday afternoon to build the device, and about $60 in materials.This sounds like a job for a super mechanic or engineer, but reality is, if I can do this, you can too. Nothing in the instructions has been left to chance and your success is practically guaranteed. In addition to the instructions on how to build and install the gizmo, included are detailed illustrations and a 7 day video series so you can learn at your own pace.

Other systems are being sold for $1200 and up and are worth every cent they cost. After considering the choices you have, buying a new hybrid for over $25,000 or waiting for common place fuel cells or electric, all the while paying who knows what in gas prices. Or you can make your own hybrid for around $60.

After you buy the Water4Gas eBook you also gain entrance a free marketplace where you can purchase pre-built devices ready to install at wholesale price. Whether you make your own or purchase one ready made, the choice is yours, and your guarantee will be in writing.

What you get will be improve your fuel use by 30% to 80%, depending on your level of skill. You will also gain 15%-25% in power. Your engine will run at lower temperatures. You will remove carbon deposits in your engine. You will also have quieter and smoother engine operation and gear shifts. Your will enjoy a longer life expectancy of your engine, especially valves, rings, and pistons.

You'll be stunned after buying and reading the Water4Gas eBook, that something so effective had been ignored for so long. With the help of the free communication together we can make the oil companies take notice, who knows what other inventions have been suppressed?

Source by Mark Myers


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