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  1. We have had great success serving the Energy, Oil and Gas Industry.

                One of the most noticed industry change has been the problem of Explosive Decompression or E.D.  Explosive decompression is a condition that occurs after an elastomer is exposed to a gas laden fluid in the presence of high pressure (>600psi). The pressure compresses the gas and forces it into the interstices of the elastomer. While operating under the pressurized condition, no harmful effects are noted. The problem occurs when the system is rapidly depressurized. As the pressure outside the elastomer falls below that of the gas contained in the elastomer, the gas begins to expand and move toward the surface. If the differential between the internal pressure of the gas bubble and external pressure exceeds the biaxial capability of the elastomer, a fracture or rupture will occur.  E.D. can occur in any pressure system laden with gaseous media. We offer E.D. Resistant Materials for Ball Valves, Check Valves, Control Valves, Monitoring Equipment, Measuring and Gauging Equipment, Downhole Service Tools, Packers and Pack-Off Elements, Subsurface Safety Valves, BOP's, Logging Boots, Casing Tie-Back Seals, Thru-Tubing Pack-offs, Slip-Joint Seals and many other proven applications.

                The SEAL GROUP at Gatlin Corporation, in conjunction with Parker Hannifin and DuPont Performance Elastomers, offer the newest generation in elastomer technology to combat Explosive Decompression. We now offer materials that have passed NORSOK M-710. NORSOK M-710 has one of the toughest testing regimes, combining rapid gas decompression test for E.D. resistance with the evaluation of sour gas (H2S) aging. This testing enables life predictions to be made for given application conditions. Undoubtedly, this is invaluable information to operators throughout the world.

                Parker's V1238-95 material has become a staple in applications that require E.D. Resistant Materials. Compound V1238-95 has a unique combination of superior physical and chemical properties as well as excellent compression set resistance. V1238-95 also has features that include API 6A specifications for Wellhead and Christmas Tree equipment and NORSOK M-710 approved. Parker also offers materials such as, HNBR (KB163-90), Aflas® (V1041-85) that meet NORSOK M-710 requirements.

                DuPont Performance Elastomers also have developed materials that combat E.D. Kalrez® Spectrum™ perfluoroelastomer parts made from compound 7090 are specifically targeted for use in applications requiring high hardness/higher modulus properties. These specialty black parts have excellent mechanical properties including compression set resistance, seal force retention, response to temperature cycling effects and rapid gas decompression resistance.

                With the wide world of seal and elastomer technology constantly changing, don't go it alone, let the SEAL GROUP at Gatlin Corporation put our skills and resources to work for you!

                Next time let's discuss the vastness of "Viton®".

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