Crude oil and natural gas have simplified our lives to a great extent

Crude oil and natural gas are fossil fuels that are formed from the remains of dead aquatic plants and animals. The decomposed material gets deposited at the bottom of the water body and it is covered by mud sediment. These mud sediments eventually compress into rocks. Thus the fossil fuels get trapped in between layers of porous rocks, which are found by Geologists. Sixty percent of our nation's energy is supplied by Crude oil and natural gas and it is of utmost importance to conserve these two forms of energy. The demand for these two fossil fuels is in great demand globally.

How many times in a day do we stop for a few seconds to think if the product that we are holding in our hands has any association with Crude oil and natural gas? When you stop to think you will be amazed that these two major energy resources are a part of almost everything that we use. Hence they are in increasing demand and they also bring huge revenue to some of the major exporting countries in the world thus developing the economic condition of the nation. Apart from this, these energy resources have paved way for employment opportunities.

If Crude oil and natural gas are not used wisely there are chances of these essential commodities getting depleted in the coming years. Crude oil draws great demand from the transportation sector and recently the demand has increased due to the technical advancement in manufacturing vehicles and the usage of more vehicles. The petroleum-based products that are manufactured include even cosmetic materials, which play a major role in enhancing women's beauty. natural gas is mostly used for home heating and industrial production. It is widely used for generating electricity.

Even though Crude oil and natural gas are essential forms of energy they are set apart by few differences. One of the major differences is that natural gas is highly consumed during cooler months due to home heating whereas Crude oil is in great demand during warmer months. The price of natural gas varies in the markets throughout the world because it is difficult to move this particular form of energy without Liquid natural gas (LNG) tankers. It is quite expensive to build these tankers. Depending upon the type, Crude oil is traded at the same price in the entire world and moreover it is cheaper as well as easier to be transported.

There cannot be a single individual or company that is not dependent upon Crude oil and natural gas. For crops to grow well, farmers utilize fertilizers that are made out of natural gas. For transporting goods, Lorries and trucks cannot run without diesel fuel and obviously industries depend upon Crude oil and natural gas to manufacture their products for the end usage. Sports gear like football, golf balls and basketballs are also made with the help of these fossil fuels.

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