Tamm Oil and Gas Corp + 40% (OTC:TAMO)

Tamm Oil and Gas Corporation is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Currently, the company owns 35,200 acres of oil and gas rights in the peace river and holds 100% interest in the natural gas and heavy oil rights on these properties. 

Heavy crude oil is a denser form of oil with a specific gravity greater than .933, it is mostly the result of degraded crude oil exposed to some form of water or air. The largest reserve of heavy oil in the world is located in Venezuela along the Orinoco River. There are many methods to extract the natural resource including: Cold heavy oil production with sand, steam assisted gravity drainage, cyclic steam stimulation, vapor extraction, toe to heel air injection and open pit mining 

It is estimated that 3 billion original barrels of heavy oil are beneath the land owned by TAMM. Currently, geological studies are being conduct along with testing of optimal methods of recovery, the company is leaning towards CCS, vertical or horizontal or both, SAGD type recovery, Cold Flow, TIDE or other models. Typical costs for these types of production methods, at the commercial pilot stage are around $40/bbl -- thus a good return for initial production aiming at 18% primary recovery and cyclic steam at 30% recovery. As production in this area is still in the early stages, the anticipated recovery rates may increase with experience in working with these potential reservoirs. Initial extraction could begin next year or in 2012.
TAMO is trading at .26 up .075 or 40% at a volume of 121k .


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