How to Get Better Fuel Economy

How to get better fuel economy? This is a question that seems to be on everyone's mind these days. Simply drive by a gas station and you probably cringe each time as you watch prices continually rise. Oil prices are rising, and gas prices are reflecting this rise in oil prices as well. In the past year, gas prices have gone up more than $1 per gallon, and the prices are really beginning to hurt the wallet of Americans these days. Fuel economy is a hot topic, and no doubt you're looking for ways that you can get better fuel economy. Well, here are some easy ways that you can start working on getting better fuel economy, which will save you money each time you fill up with gas.

Make Sure Your Air Filters are Working Properly - Making sure that your air filters are working properly is one way to get better fuel economy. You can really improve the gas mileage that your car gets when you make sure to replace any air filters that become clogged. The air filter in your car helps to keep impurities from getting through and causing engine damage. They also can help you save on gas, and studies show that they can improve the mileage that you're getting by about 10%, which really can help.

Use the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle - Using the right motor oil for your vehicle can help you get better fuel economy as well. You can improve the mileage that your car gets by a couple percentage points when you make sure that you are using the right motor oil for your car. If you use the wrong type of engine oil, you can lower your gas mileage, but using the right oil that is recommended by the car manufacturer will help you get the best performance and gas mileage.

Get an Engine Tune Up - An engine tune up can really help you save money on gas. In fact, it can help your fuel economy so much that you can save about $0.16 on every gallon that you buy. It's important that you keep your engine tuned up and make sure that the car passes emissions tests as well. Serious problems with your car such as problems with oxygen sensors can really take down your gas mileage, so make sure you keep the engine tuned up.

Don't Let Tire Pressure Drop - Don't let the tire pressure drop in your tires either if you want better fuel economy. You'll be able to get more than 3% better gas mileage when you keep your tires well inflated. Take a look at the recommended tire pressure for your tires, and then keep your tires there to make sure you get the best fuel economy possible.

Source by Stephen Long


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