Petroleum Jobs in Kuwait

Getting a job in a Gulf country is a cherished dream of a lot of professionals. This is the reason why the Gulf region has seen a deluge of skilled foreign workers in the last decade. Expatriates have taken up jobs in almost all industries in the Gulf including IT, Healthcare, Banking, Oil & Gas, Construction, Tourism etc. All Gulf jobs are perceived to be very lucrative and this is the prime reason why expatriates take up work there despite major cultural differences in lifestyle. Gulf is full of natural riches and oil reserves. Talking of oil reserves, in the Middle East, Kuwait is the third-largest oil producer. Thus, Kuwait is a significant member of the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council). It follows Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Since there is a lot of oil production in this region, jobs in oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia is also ample. There are many expatriates working in Petroleum jobs in Kuwait.

Kuwait is of strategic importance to the region Its oil reserves are huge and spin money in the country. When Kuwait was invaded by Iraq in 1990/91, it left a significant impact on the country’s economy. Its oil industry and its exports got damaged badly and the military costs of war surged so high that it impacted the economy badly. A lot of wealth was confiscated by the Iraqis illegally and their reserves were plundered. Thus, a significant portion of Kuwaiti wealth was spent in ejecting the Iraqis. However, after the war the whole country was being rebuilt. Its economy and wealth were being restored to the previous levels. Expatriates had a significant role to play in this reconstruction of the economy of the country and retaining control of its vibrant economy.

Since then, the economy is gradually recovering, and the demand of oil in the world market is allowing for its further expansion. Foreign investment is also coming in after the decree of 1999, which approved the 100 per cent foreign ownership of some companies registered in the country. Earlier, the rule was that only a maximum equity holding of 49 per cent was allowed for foreign investors in Kuwaiti companies. With this, the gates for foreign skilled professionals were also opened in the country. A lot of immigration of expatriates to take up petroleum jobs in Kuwait. These companies and the foreign professionals working in them have contributed a lot towards bringing up the diverse economy and the advanced technology and industry in Kuwait.

In Kuwait, the petroleum industry jobs and jobs in the associated downstream industries, such as refining and petrochemicals have become popular in the last 15 years as they account for around 90 per cent of foreign earnings and nearly 75 per cent of Kuwait’s gross domestic product. The jobs in this industry are at all levels from junior, to mid-level to senior level jobs. Compensation and perks are the main attractions that pull expatriates into the country. The salaries paid are very high and comparable to any international standard. The best part is that no personal taxes are levied on the salary that one earns. Thus, all you earn is for you to save. The lifestyle offered is also comfortable provided you make adjustments with the culture of the country.

Kuwait, like other Gulf countries, is a conservative country that doesn’t much appreciate free man-woman interactions. Homosexuality and live-in relationships are considered crimes. And laws are strict so one has to keep on the right side of the law to enjoy the stay in the country. If you do not mess around with the legal system of the country, staying in Kuwait for an oil & gas job would be fruitful and an experience of a lifetime. The comforts that one can enjoy here are enough to entice foreign workers to Kuwait. The people are helpful and generous and love their luxuries. Your employer would act as your sponsor in the country and he would be responsible for carrying out all formalities pertaining to your immigration in the country. The PRO at your company will ensure that a smooth transition takes place. You would need to submit all documents to the foreign office. If you take your family along, their residency permit would also be issued by the foreign office. Before you take up a job in Kuwait, it would be advisable to join an online forum of those who are already working in an oil job in Kuwait. This way, you will get a realistic picture of how life is in Kuwait and then can make an informed decision.

Source by Geetika Jain


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